Subsidised finance refers to a series of financial instruments, tax incentives and relief made available by public institutions with the aim of supporting the economic development of certain sectors or geographical areas, as well as promoting specific public policies, such as the creation of workplaces, environmental sustainability or technological innovation.

Investments and subsidised finance

Like any company that wants to grow, Leghe Leggere also focuses heavily on technological investments. It is logical to assume that investments may become increasingly costly when maintaining a certain competitiveness and fulfilling commitments with customers.

For this reason, subsidised finance is an indispensable help.

Thanks to credit and tax relief, we can more confidently aim for constant growth over time.

These subsidised financial instruments are essential to achieve the strategic objectives of all companies.

Clearly, it is necessary to rely on consultants specialized in this area.

Our ideal partner is FINAGE GROUP. The collaboration with this company has allowed us to achieve our growth objectives and to identify others for the coming years.

The collaboration was excellent and brought satisfaction to both companies. We therefore want to thank FINAGE GROUP for the fruitful collaboration and for talking about us in this video: EXCELLENT! FinAge racconta Leghe Leggere Lavorate