As a full contract manufacturer, we can work with various customers and create different products, but all dedicated to the medical sector.

Our reference sectors are orthopedics, human and veterinary, and dental implantology.

It is in the latter area that we had the opportunity to collaborate with one of our important customers on a very innovative project a few years ago.

The project was ambitious and it consisted in the development of a single-phase system with integrated MUA.

In few words… two parts of a dental implant had to become one.


But what did it mean?


Actually it is better to explain this thing better, especially for non-experts

The characteristics of an innovative dental implant

Dental implants are usually made up of several parts, up to 5:


  1. the actual dental implant (which is screwed into the mandible or mandible depending on the patient’s needs)
  2. the MUA
  3. a joint screw between the MUA and the implant
  4. Cap
  5. Cap and MUA connection screw








The Easypiece system consists of only 3 components:

As it is easy to understand, the union of details 1 and 2 in a single piece and the elimination of the screw (detail 3), has made the system simpler and with less risk of unscrewing.

Moreover, as designers well know, the more components that have to “work” together, the greater the problems that can arise!

The advantages of an innovative dental implant

The advantages of this new implant are not limited to the mechanical part alone but, logically, they are also appreciated by users… dentists.

In fact, the reduction of the parts allows for faster and simpler management of the implant insertion intervention.

As a subcontractor, we have followed all the product development phases and, taking advantage of our experience in mechanical processing, we have suggested any product design improvements.