2022 has been over for a month.
It has been a difficult year for all companies, for different reasons that are unfortunately neither predictable nor controllable by anyone, not even the most skilled manager.

On the other hand, despite these difficulties, 2022 was also a year of growth for our company.

In the traditional pre-Christmas dinner (after two years of forced stop due to pandemic) our CEO, Davide Pizzamiglio wanted to thank all the collaborators for these good results:

“Despite everything negative that 2022 has reserved for the whole world, 2022 has also been, a year of important growth for our group, as the experts say, a double digit growth, which has allowed us to reach all the goals we set for ourselves. As with all companies, results are achieved with the fundamental contribution of the human component which, in our case, has extensively worked and sacrificed to achieve the objective”.

But, in addition to continuously producing implantable medical devices for the important companies that have relied on us for many years, what have we done?

It is clear that growth is always linked to investments and in the last year 2022 we have invested a lot in technologies, human resources, marketing, etc.

What were these investments in detail?

Here’s a quick recap:

• the expansion and renewal of our quality control department

• the completion of PLANT 2 in Buccinasco, by now already full of technologically advanced machinery

• the start of work on PLANT 3 in Buccinasco, which will house a new quality area, the CNC department and a brand new 3D printing department

• we returned to exhibiting at MedtecLive after the pause due to the pandemic

• we made a cartoon video to explain our business in a simple and fun way (for those who haven’t seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKKIZVouiWc&t=10s )

• we have received the PatentBox (for more info: https://www.legheleggere.com/it/patent-box-2/)

• we obtained our first star in the Legality Rating

• we sponsored Tommaso Montanari, Italian champion of Enduro Rally with the goal of Dakar rally

• we started a collaboration with Ingegneria Italia to grow on social networks


Yes, we’ve done a lot.

And for this 2023?

There are many investments planned, as are many ideas that we are developing at a marketing level, but we can’t anticipate anything.