Our medical device company, first in Italy in the production of medical devicesfor orthopedic surgery and dental implantology, announces the expansion of production spaces and the increase in human resources.




Medical device company: Leghe Leggere grows despite of pandemic

In this moment of health and even economic difficulties, the business world is suffering countless changes and huge losses. However, there are entrepreneurial realities that have had the strength, the commitment and also the privilege of maintaining their stability and carrying out the predetermined projects.

One of these positive business stories comes from our medical device company, the first Italian component manufacturing company for orthopedic and veterinary surgery and dental implantology.

Throughout the emergency period till today, our medical device company has never stopped and has always supported the medical and hospital sector with efficient and punctual production. All of this was done by implementing prevention measures for their employees and creating a safe working environment every day.

The role of  medical device company at the beginning of pandemic

This allowed our medical device company to take also the field and help pulmonary ventilator manufacturers with their productive and technological contribution, at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2019. An action which was particularly desired and felt by all collaborators, in an even stronger and more direct way when the General Manager of factory 2 in San Marino and all his family tested positive for the virus.

Everything was done keeping always in mind the development plan of our medical device company, which was defined before the emergency and which has never gone through afterthoughts or needs to slow down.

The project involves the tripling of the production spaces and the increase in human resources by at least 60 people, counting on a total strength of about 150 extremely well-skilled collaborators. The goal is positioning the company as one of the main European leader as a manufacturer of medical devices in OEM.




Medical device company with 2 two new Italian plants

In particular, the headquarters of our medical device company in Buccinasco will see an enlargement of the structure with the annexation of two adjacent factories which will end in 2021. The development of the structure will allow a faster and more functional management of all the company’s business phases which include Research and Development, Production, Finishing and Packaging.

Our medical device company stands out in the Italian market of implantable medical device for its uniqueness model which is capable of providing a complete service and a verticalization of all the processes necessary for the realization of the component (implantable or instrumental) inside the company, without having to resort to external sources, therefore ensuring efficiency in terms of costs and time.

With the new development plan, this service will be further implemented also thanks to the increase in human resources which will represent not only a benefit for our medical device company, but also a social possibility in this moment of crisis.


For further information and to discover more about our company: https://rebrand.ly/LegheLeggereSEO