Always improve, not for a sense of self-celebration, but to give more value to the service given to our customers.For a few weeks now, a new turning center has been added to our already large machine park. 

For Leghe Leggere Lavorate  is an absolute novelty. 

Why? For the mere fact that for decades the maximum bar passage that we managed in the company was 25 mm, more than enough for the implantable devices we made.
Now with this ultra-technological equipment with bar passage 32, and the possibility of deep holes up to 440 mm, we are able to make femoral nails in their maximum size of no less than 440 mm.
Despite the news, we are already at work and, thanks to a decade of experience of our operators and technicians, we have already created the first components. Certainly they will be the first of a long series.
Clearly, as is our practice, we do not leave our customers with a piece of titanium in their hand! We provide, in this specific case, for bending and subsequent processing on a 5-axis work center.

For a 360 ​​°service we can then evaluate surface finishes, laser marking and product packaging.
For this last activity, we can count on an ISO7 cleanroom of over 400 square meters.