The plates for the TPLO technique are used in the veterinary orthopedic field for the leveling osteotomy of the tibial plateau in dogs.

But how is this TPLO plate made and why is it important?

This type of TPLO plate is created for the treatment of the cruciate ligament of our four-legged friends which is a widespread disease among dogs.

In fact, unlike humans, – where the fracture of the cruciate ligament is generally associated with direct trauma with hyperextension of the knee – this is not always the case in dogs. Indeed it is no very often due to this.

It is much more likely to occur during normal activity, with no obvious cause.

It is equally true that it is very often a combination of factors that leads to the fracture of the cruciate ligament in dogs.

Among these factors of importance of the TPLO plate:

● individual predisposition

● the race

● overweight

● the morphology of the knee

In the past starting from the 1960s, various surgical techniques have been proposed for the surgical treatment of this injury,

The results were unfortunately highly variable and often unsatisfactory. It is thanks to the American surgeon, Barclay Slocum, who invented a new surgical technique called TPLO in the early 1990s, that the positive results have increased exponentially.

The osteotomy is stabilized with a special TPLO plate (see cover image) by osteosynthesis to allow bone consolidation.

Another great advantage of this surgical technique is that the surgery is performed in day hospital.

As regards the convalescence of our faithful friend, there is also good news. In fact, there is only the need to keep him on a leash for a couple of months, when he is taken outside.

This plate, like the others made by our company, follows a very rigorous production process to provide a product that is both qualitative and performing at the highest levels.

A plate for the TPLO technique in the processing phase on a 5-axis machining center