For some years now, we have been in company of our mascot, to which we have guiltily never given a name.
First he was on brochures and on business cards, then on the company logo and even as a symbolic image of our plant in Milan (more than 3 meters high and illuminated
at night).

To tell the truth, our claim “forward-thinking vision” was born before him. In fact, starting from this claim, our graphic designers have created “him”.  For this reason, he has a telescope on his hands to suggest our continuous looking forward, never stopping innovating, trying and making mistakes, because we are always aware that from every mistake we have learned something and in any case we have improved.

Now, this static image has come to life in an animated comic.

Our little guy will accompany a hypothetical customer on a visit to our company, after having jumped off the wall and greeted him.

He will go around every department to present the various services we can offer.

His comic story begins in the R&D office where our little man, in the role of a biomedical engineer, collaborates with the client in the realization of his project, suggesting improvements thank to all our skills in mechanical processing.

The next step is in the production department where our mascot has quickly changed to wear a work suit, in order to show the customer the product that has just come
out of the machinery.

It is clear that, like any mechanical component, medical products are also subject to quality control which, in this context, is even more meticulous. To do this, our little man in the role of a highly experienced metrologist checks the detail and confirms the excellent quality of the product.

But the road from a titanium bar to an implantable medical device is still long, and our little man knows it well. Here he is wearing a protective mask and polishing the
client’s plate, which shines in his hands.

Polishing and electro-polishing are just two of the various finishes that are part of the services we can offer. But let’s go back to the long journey that an implantable component has to go
through before ending up in a surgery room. And let’s always do it in the company of our mascot.

After finishing, these components must undergo a decontamination process using special machinery which, for simplicity, our little man replaces with a hand shower!

It should be noted that, in order to access these departments, he diligently wore a mask and cap.

We have finally reached the end of the production process and the vacuum-packed piece is placed in a box. It is clear that in order to boast of a 360 ° service, our little man cannot limit himself
to this.

Here he is, in fact, once again changing his clothes and reaching the warehouse where we manage the finished products of our customers (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory).

Now the production process is really finished, and also the first comic adventure of our mascot …