Each medical device that is commissioned by the customer is evaluatedd first by our technical office which study its feasibility and the most suitable technology for its production.

The programming phase of the turning centers for the manufacturing of a medical device

When the technology is a sliding head turning center, the first phase is to identify the machine to be used. Each machine has different characteristics and the ability to use them best makes the difference.

Once the machine has been chosen, it is necessary to understand how to obtain the device, thanks to various processing steps. The result is the machine program. This program, whose semplified scheme can be seen in the image, will subsequently be sent to the machine tool selected for machining.

The implementation of these programs is entrusted to personnel with more than ten years of experience in the manufacturing of medical devices. As with many other activities, the achievement of the result is possible in many different ways. Experience makes the difference.

The programming phase of the turning centers for the manufacturing of a medical device

When the use of a 5-axis machining center is required to make the medical device, the various processes to be performed are evaluated by importing the customers’ three-dimensional files into a CAD-CAM software.

Thanks to these software, it is possible to evaluate on the screen all the various production phases, by entering the different parameters necessary for the simulation of the machining operations.

These simulations allow to evaluate in advance the most critical aspects of the processes and to find out suitable solutions for production. All at a much lower cost.

Software for the manufacturing of a medical device

These software are also very important to evaluate different ways of making the piece. Generally several solutions are tried until the most suitable one is found out, all to the benefit of production times and therefore costs.

Only thanks to the experience of our operators, it is possible to go further and further in the search for simple and economical solutions, without sacrificing the quality of the particular products.