We are very proud to present a new case of lumbosacral stabilization using our spinal fixation and distraction system which is designed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for the veterinary world. The operation was performed by Prof. Massimo Baroni.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, male, 6 year old.

➡️ Clinical signs:  chronic lumbosacral pain.

➡️ Xrays Diagnosis: mild sacral retro-listhesis  with ventral displacement of the dorsal sacral lamina.

➡️ MRI diagnosis: lumbosacral disc protrusion and ventral displacement of the sacral lamina causing focal spinal canal stenosis.

➡️ Surgery: lumbosacral dorsal laminectomy, removal of the disc protrusion , dorsal disc fenestration, fixation with transarticular 2,7 mm titanium screws  and  polyaxial pedicles screws.

➡️ Post. op X-ray: good L7-S1 vertebral alignment and distraction with excellent opening of the lateral foramina.