What makes the cannulated screws “innovative”?
These screws are born as an evolution of the concept of cannulated screw, suitably modified to favor a better and more effective action of osteosynthesis, even in unfavorable bone conditions.

This idea was born in the late 90s, from the collaboration of some doctors. But, only at the beginning of the 2000s, the idea of Prof. Marinoni and Drs. Mascitti and Gervasoni comes to life thanks to the collaboration of Leghe Leggere Lavorate.

With them we have developed a new family of cannulated screws, called: MAAG ® SCREW.



To obtain all this, the device is made of titanium alloy and is characterized by a larger diameter and a wider thread pitch.

But why are this kind of cannulated screws truly innovative?

The main feature is a series of holes, visible in the image above, which affect the central area of the device. These holes, which are present in a section equal to 60% of the total length, are made according to a helical pattern to facilitate the uniform release around the device of an appropriate augmentation means, through a dedicated injection system.

The MAAG ® SCREW, therefore, is a medical device developed with the general purpose of reducing a fracture of various types and favoring the osteosynthesis process in short time, also having the possibility of conveying an augmentation means.
Its realization from a technological and production level is certainly not easy.

The thickness of the wall, the geometry of the threads and the transverse holes on 60% of the length have created many problems at the beginning.

We had to go through the so-called “learning” phase, but after having found the right precautions, both in terms of technology and the preparation of the operators involved, the production of these highly technological and special cannulated screws has become normal.

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