Disposable kits have been introduced in orthopedic surgery with various objectives, including the reduction of costs.

Disposable kits: is it really true that they are so convenient?

And, above all, don’t you give up on the quality of the products with the disposable kits for orthopedic surgery?

Let’s start with the second question concerning the quality of disposable surgical kits.

Quality of disposable kits: everything you need to know about orthopedic surgery

As a company that manufactures products for orthopedic surgery, we control all the manufacturing phases from the choice of the raw material to the packaging of the kit. Thanks to this process, we can guarantee that the raw materials of the disposable kits and the technologies used are the same as those used for the multipurpose kits.

Disposable kits: how is it possible to have similar producs at a much lower price?

The answer lies, as with any industrial series product, in the production batches. Lots that allow the use of production technologies suitable for the mass production of products for orthopedic surgery, such as disposable kits.

These technologies, such as injection molding, allow the production of parts in plastic material (plastics for medical use) with very low costs.

It is clear that, as with any single-use kit molding process, a mold must be made. The initial investment is however amply repaid, if the volumes are adequate, by the final cost of the piece.

Even the metal parts that make up the disposable kits are made with high-precision machinery designed for mass production, without limiting the quality aspect of the final product.

Returning to the main question: are disposable kits cheap for end customers?

Considering that disposable kits are usually provided on loan for use, it doesn’t seem like a bargain for clinics and hospitals but, analyzing other aspects, they could become an ace up the sleeve.

First, sterilization management is eliminated and patient safety is improved by reducing the risk of surgical site infection.

In addition to this, the advantages due to the possibility of increasing the number of interventions should not be forgotten.

This is especially true for that kind of surgery, usually very short, which can be scheduled in a higher number on the same day having an “infinite” number of disposable kits for orthopedic surgery available.

Another advantage is related to waste management and the advantages derived from the use of disposable kits.

Disposable kit: a safe, economical and green solution

Since the disposable kits are made with recyclable materials, plastic and steel, correct management allows this solution to be “green” despite being disposable.

To guarantee all this, we decided to directly manage the collection of disposable kits from the facilities, then proceeding to the process that will lead them to recycling.