Arthrosis of the spine is a degenerative disease that mainly affects older dogs and becomes dangerous if not treated carefully.

When arthrosis, a pathology that affects the joints of the body, focuses on the spine, it is called spondyloarthrosis.

Unfortunately, spondyloarthrosis affects also our four-legged friends.

In some cases, if in severe form, it can lead to serious debilitation for the animal.

But what is it?

Spondyloarthrosis is characterized by premature wear of the discs and joints of the column.

Since it is a degenerative disease, is it curable?

Fortunately, now thanks to the fixation devices made in Italy by us (Overvet loves your Pet), it is possible to manage and treat this pathology in the best way, using synthetic means similar to those used in the human world.

Even for dog, the main causes that lead to this disease can be aging, genetics or traumatic events.

Osteoarthritis, as for humans, is a typical disease of advanced age also for the canine world.

For this reason, the older a dog gets, the more the soft tissues responsible for stabilizing the discs in the spine degenerate and lose elasticity.

The consequence of this natural degeneration is responsible for the wear and tear typical of arthrosis.

Now, after having explained how and why this disease manifests itself in our cute 4-legged friends, let’s see how modern technology has led to solving this problem (when possible).

As for humans, the products used are the same: screws, bars, intradiscal cages/spacers, all strictly in titanium.

1)  Unilateral  2)bilateral dorsal approach